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We iron (press) shirts start at $2.50 by item

Updated: 2 days ago

Introducing GhostLaundry, your go-to service for perfectly pressed shirts. We take care of the intricate task of ironing button-down shirts, ensuring each one looks flawless and ready to wear. Our experienced team will wash, iron, and neatly fold your shirts, providing the utmost convenience for your busy schedule.

To avail of our ironing services, we have a minimum order requirement of 10 items for only $25. This means that you can have a minimum shirts professionally ironed to meet the minimum order amount.

What sets us apart is our partnership with DoorDash, allowing seamless pick-up and delivery. Simply schedule a pick-up, and with the help of DoorDash, your shirts will be swiftly collected from your location and returned to you once they are expertly ironed. Alternatively, you can choose to have your shirts deposited directly in your closet, ready for you to wear whenever you please.

Experience the difference with GhostLaundry, where your shirts receive the utmost care and attention, ensuring they look their absolute best. Say goodbye to wrinkled shirts and hello to crisp, perfectly pressed attire.

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