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Join us at GhostLaundry and invest for a brighter future!

Ghost Laundry is transforming the laundry industry by focusing solely on pick-up and delivery services for wash fold and on-demand ironing. With the growing demand for wash and fold services in the US, Ghost Laundry offers unparalleled convenience and quality. Their commitment to fast and professional service ensures efficiency and customer satisfaction. Currently serving South Florida, Ghost Laundry plans to expand across multiple states and offers investment opportunities for those interested in being a part of the future of laundry services.

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September  2022 

July 2023 - 

November   2023 - 

May   2024 - 

JULY   2024- 

I created the idea of Ghostlaundry during the pandemic when laundromats closed I focused only on pick up and delivery working in in my garage with a few machines and simply a phone to receive orders via What's up 

Rapidly Ghost Laundry grew and I created a website and joined an ordering platform for better ordering

Ghostlaundry is now a pioneer in the laundry industry, offering only pick-up and delivery services a high-end customer service approach. Our first warehouse facility can handle over 200lbs of wash and fold per day. We are also focused on increasing our social media presence and have a motivated staff with experience in laundry folding industry.

we are growing our social media presence and more marketing support for new laundry bags and garments with the Ghostlaundry logo and more customer service increasing our facility with more than 500 lbs a day of wash and fold 

Introducing hotel service and also more drivers on the road

opening  up to 35 mils around Hollywood and coming up with more territory to develop such Orlando and Tampa 

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